A new generation of treatment for all types of construction materials without causing damage to the environment. The product penetrates deep into materials such as concrete, bricks, block work, natural stone such as granite, marble and sandstone. The product forms a crystal barrier that gives a strong and transparent protection. The surface is resistant to water and other liquids lasting for 10 to 15 years.
Controll®Topseal is a clear, water based, non-toxic surface applied treatment.
It is ideal for swimming pools, non-glazed tiled surfaces, floors, concrete pathways, bathrooms and kitchens.



CONTROLL® Innerseal is a waterbased environmentally friendly treatment for concrete and concrete products.

CONTROLL® Innerseal penetrates actively and deeply into concrete and therefore effectively stops leakage, armour corrosion and calcium washout. Besides waterproofing, CONTROLL® Innerseal stabilises dust, expels oil and grease, and is also an excellent transitional medium for additional surface treatment.



Innerseal Plus(+) is a surface reinforcement and protecting treatment for vulnerable concrete areas such as industrial floors and in multi-storey car parks. Innerseal Plus(+) is also used to harden surfaces and for binding dust during grinding and polishing of concrete floors. The result is a very impact and scratch resistant surface.

Innerseal Plus(+) penetrates deep into the capillaries, microcracks and pores. A reaction then takes place between salts and minerals to form a very hard calcium silicate hydride. This results in a crystalline structure that stops the transport of water but lets vapours pass through (diffusion). Because the protection is deeply seated, it is insensitive to external influences such as abrasion and impacts.